Plugged in Florida Weekly, how did that happen?

Thanks to Roger Williams for wrapping his head around a medium that’s as foreign to him as the Sand People of Tatooine, for the kind words, and for digging into my backstory. Woe to the editor however, for allowing this fawning piece of pap and patronage to get through the filter…

What’s Cyrus Teed, His Holiness Koresh, got to do with the Big Giant Eyeball?

Koreshan science remains viable. More than a hundred years after the death of His Holiness, Koresh, The Cellular Cosmogony continues to relate a Utopian reality.

KOR0019                    Koresh Preaching

What’s the link between the Big Giant Eyeball and a 100-years-dead cult leader?

“Amanda and the Big Giant
Eyeball” is available at the
following locations:

• MacIntosh Books and Paper, 2407 Periwinkle
Way, Sanibel, 472-144

• Franklin Shops, 2200 First St, Fort Myers,

• Comics Cards & Stuff, 3563 Fowler Street , Fort
Myers. 939-087

• Cool Comics and Games, 231 Del Prado Blvd
# 3, Cape Coral, 573-7468

• Beach Book Nook,
Santini Marina Plaza Shopping Center, 7205
Estero Blvd # 701, Fort Myers Beach, 463-3999

• Estero River Outfi tters, 20991 S Tamiami Trail,
Estero, 992-4050

Buy the book here:

Watch the trailer here:

Eyeball-ian benchmarks

The print proof of Amanda and the Big Giant Eyeball has shipped. At this moment, she likely finds herself cradled by a blue-gloved postal handler in Orlando.

Thanks to Hannah Arnone for navigating the treacherous data streams of proper formatting and sizing for me. I also have to credit the fine folks at Comixtribe for this pulse-pounding post on barcodes and ISBNs.

This print that handler-dude has just spun with the flick of his wrist into a plastic postal bin represents the first step in getting a submission package to Diamond Comic Distributors. The company offers the only viable option for publishers to get their comic books into numerous stores that comics.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting to hear back from Comixology, which is perhaps the most widespread marketplace for comic books delivered digitally. (There are hundreds of good, free comics available there, and I highly recommend you download it to your tablet of choice.) It will take anywhere from three to six months to hear back from Comixology as to whether they’ve accepted the book or not. Here again, I’m concerned about proper formatting and sizing and I only hope that if they do bounce it back for some minor technical issue that I won’t have to go back to the end of the cue.

Finally, there’s Amazon. I’m using the free and much-celebrated Kindle Comic Creator software to format the book. It’s not working very well. There are a number of technical issues, not the least of them being that the software isn’t designed to play with my 8-year-old Macbook Pro.

So that’s what I’ll be working on next. I expect that once the book is ready on my end that it will post instantly, unlike with Comixology, where the staff curates the material.

Hey, when is your comic book coming out?

OK, so I originally planned on having Amanda and the Big Giant Eyeball launched in the summer. And now, a cool breeze blows through my garden, the Christmas decorations are for sale at Walmart and the burden of unfulfilled promises weighs heavily on my heart. It turns out, creating an independent comic book on a shoestring budget while working a couple of full-time jobs on the side is harder to do than it sounds.

The good news is, the book is complete. She’s ready to go. Ready to get into the hands of our adoring fans throughout the world. Artist Andy Howl created a terrific cover, (part of which you can see at the top of this page) and everything has come together beautifully. It’s a strange, thrilling adventure story, and I can’t wait for you all to be able to read it.

We expect the book to be available soon on Amazon and Comixology, and we’ll also have some limited print copies. In the meantime, I promise to update this blog much more frequently than has been the case. I’ll give you behind-the-scenes information about what it takes to publish, as well as story notes and artwork from the book. If you have questions or requests, please send them along and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Thanks for sticking with us, and keep your own big eyeballs peeled for more on our ocular adventure.

– Osvaldo